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White Collar Crimes

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Today’s clients face increasing scrutiny from government agencies on both criminal and regulatory fronts. Jason Peavy’s white-collar defense and investigations practice offers a coordinated approach to addressing those risks and providing strategies for defense in times of urgency and stress. Peavy has represented companies, executives, and government officials in federal and state matters as well as in investigations by other government agencies such as the State Securities Commission and various Inspectors General. His experience as both a former United States Attorney and as an Assistant Attorney General provides him with a breadth of knowledge that allows him to deliver seasoned counsel and unique solutions to a broad variety of clients who find themselves in the crosshairs of government investigations.

Peavy has extensive first-chair trial experience in a variety of complex cases, consistently earning recognition from clients, peers and opposing counsel for both his legal acumen and professionalism. Peavy understands that while many matters are best resolved quietly, at times trial may be the only option in order to vindicate an individual’s reputation or save a company from financial ruin. Whatever the decision, the goal remains to provide the firm’s clients with favorable outcomes. Peavy maintains a network of resources which support, strengthen, and supplement his criminal defense practice.

In today’s environment of heavily coordinated investigations by national law enforcement agencies, investigators are seeking not only civil fines, penalties, or disgorgement, but also pursuing criminal charges against individuals. Peavy understands the critical circumstances his clients face, and he creates strategies designed to successfully minimize liability.

Consider a criminal defense lawyer is you've been accused of: